Body Composition Analysis

Know Your Body. Question With Boldness. Transform Your Life

Every single day the smartest coaches, trainers, doctors, and athletes are testing new things and discovering new limits.

They’re testing diets… exercises… technology… meditation… fasting… wearables…

But they aren’t always sharing what they’re doing.

Not because they don’t want to or because they’re trying to hide anything (although some of them are).

It’s mainly because the people who are actually on the cutting edge of this stuff are NOT in the business of teaching.

They’re in the business of improving themselves or their personal clients. And it’s not worth their time or effort to document and share what’s working (and not working).

However, there are some of us whose job is to make sure they’re looking at and documenting different strategies for optimizing health, fitness, and nutrition every single day.

We're those people.

Everyone here at DexaFit is passionate about health, fitness, and human performance. Our lives are basically researching, testing, and trying the latest innovations and strategies that help you build a healthier body.

This allows us to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening and working.

But more importantly for you, we have access to the BEST technologies available for knowing your body and how to transform it!

Whether it's losing a few pounds around your waist... building more muscle to look better... or training for a competition... we're confident someone like you has walked through our door, run on our treadmills, and measured their body fat on our DEXA scanner.

This gives us valuable insight into what works for people.

And what doesn't.

Every time you follow-up with us for a new baseline test or checkup, we’ll not only help you understand how and why your body changed, we'll share what we’ve seen work with others and what’s working elsewhere.

We’ll give you “Big Ideas” and “Aha” moments that supercharge your planning and motivation. We'll help you discover answers to the “Now what?” so many often ask after getting fed a bunch of data and numbers about their fitness, but mean nothing to you, cause confusion, or make your eyes glaze over.

We’re going to show you what’s on the cutting edge so you can use the latest strategies and innovations right away.

Principles > Tactics

A lot of information floating around out there covers flashy fad diets and exercise plans…. Some will make your greed glands fire, checking accounts smaller, and frustration reach new heights when you realize another plan was a waste of time .

But that's okay and you're not an exception. It happens to EVERYONE.

It's why we started DexaFit and continue to grow. Unless you have a solid base understanding of...

a) How YOUR body compares to healthy and fit

b) What constitutes effective training and lifestyle habits

c) And what YOU need to do transform yourself'll keep getting stuck in the vicious cycle of some progress followed by plateaus and stagnation.

Or if you do have steady progress. We'll help you reach new limits and push new boundaries!

What to Expect

We’re here to help you explore new ways to improve your health and body composition. Expect us to constantly be investigating and critically rethinking everything you assumed to be true about health, nutrition, training, and overall wellness.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments in the research, science and medical communities—distilling complex theory into actionable steps that you can follow to reach your goals sooner.

No matter what your personal situation is—improving sport performance, building mass, losing fat, monitoring your risk for fracture—we will help you bridge the gap between your body’s limiting factors and reaching your optimal performance goals.

If you've never heard of any of these tests we offer, they're pretty elfin' cool and powerful. Get excited because we've been using them ourselves for years with awesome results. 

Same with thousands of our clients.

>>> Read how a few have transformed their bodies with us over the years : )