It's Not Cheating...More of a Leg Up

'Leveling Up' Your Health & Fitness

Ever play Nintendo? Or Xbox? Or any video game ever?  

Well here’s the thing with video game systems. They had 'cheat codes.'

If you hit the buttons in a specific sequence, you unlocked different super powers or power-ups.

(Liu Kang Flying Kick from Mortal Kombat: Towards, Towards, [B])

You could get extra lives... Invincibility... Unlimited ammo... Super speed...

You get the idea.

Even though we called them cheat codes, cheating in video games is different than cheating on a significant other or cheating in sports.

It’s not ‘cheating’ in an immoral sense. It’s like when Popeye ate his spinach to knockout Bluto and save Olive Oyl.

So it's more like getting a ‘leg up’ or ‘stacking the deck’ in your favor.

(And if you were playing someone else, you’d both know the different codes so it was an equal playing field anyways)

So what does this have to do with your health and fitness?

Well, our tests are like “cheat codes” for optimizing your fitness and transforming your body.

See, some people believe in this thing called “plateaus” or “bad genetics.”

We don’t.

Those ideas only exist if you believe they do. We’ve seen thousands of clients shatter plateaus and bad habits countless times over the years.

Using our tests as a compass along their fitness journeys, they experience some amazing success.

This is because there’s a difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘guessing’ when you’re starting a new diet or fitness plan.

The cheat codes we’ve uncovered with our tests damn near guarantee you’ll reach your goals sooner and with less effort.

Perhaps get you the best progress of your life too.

Bold claim? Yes. But is it true? Yes.

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