The Problem with the Problem...

You're not the problem. The problem is the problem.

And the problem we're facing is how to map out a course to get from our idea of optimal fitness and health... our goal.

The problems and obstacles we face may seem daunting and intimidating at first.

what we eat...

how we workout...

our social life and sleep...

But if we cut them into bite size pieces, it's much more manageable.

One by one, day by day, and habit by habit -- we beat resistance and sticking points into submission.

The key to reaching our goals is knowing that we're following the best strategy.

So how do we know what's best?

We don't.

Richard Feynman said that...

"If your theories do not match the experimental data, your theory is wrong."

This idea applies to our food choices, workout programs, and how we live. We can only make observations that cause us to guess.

From these guesses, we define 'experiments' to confirm our guess (e.g., "If I do this. I'll look like that.").

If the data we collect doesn't support our guess, we're wrong. It's that simple.

If it does support it, we now must ask better questions about our new observations. This makes us 'guess better.'

This is where DexaFit comes in during your transformation.

Bit by bit... baseline by baseline... question by question... we help you discover better answers about your body and habits to transform it.

This helps you submit resistance and achieve your desired goals.

But if we never measure that first observation, we never know if our guesses are wrong.

It's better to have a map of the targets we need to hit to make it to the end.

Key point: The process isn’t to avoid things that don’t work. It's to embrace them.

If we avoid things that might not work, we won't discover new corridors of insight about ourselves and our bodies.

Your job is to guess and embrace mistakes on your road to optimal.

We make sure your guesses are better and mistakes less costly to your progress.