The Rise of the Skinny Fat Era

It may be the perfect example of an oxymoron, but being “skinny fat” is most certainly a real term. It refers to a rising trend of men and women who are lean, but have a higher percentage of fat than they do muscle—thus creating the look “skinny fat”. While being skinny fat is not a bad thing per se, it’s not the healthiest figure or the ideal. Many individuals who find their bodies falling under the “skinny fat” category are looking for ways to lose the excess flab and gain more muscle. Of course, there are ways to transform your skinny fat physique into one that is lean and toned without going overboard with diet and exercise. Finding the right balance of clean eating and effective exercise can take skinny fat to thin and fit in just a matter of time.

The Trend of Being Skinny Fat

Source:  Bony to Beastly

People of all ages can fall victim to the skinny fat physique, but a certain group of celebrities have turned the skinny fat bod into a trend after they experience the “middle age spread.” Perhaps the most famous example of the skinny fat body is none other than Leonardo Dicaprio who was photographed on the beach flaunting what was deemed a “dad bod.” Dad bod and skinny fat are synonymous when it comes to men, and many individuals find the skinny fat trend to not just be endearing, but even attractive. The dad bod does not necessarily require children, but refers to the idea of a man’s body that has gone to seed a bit, a little doughy in the middle but not obese—like might be typical of an aging father. There’s just enough muscle to be attractive, but a higher percentage of fat, which most people seem to find relatable and even attainable. Of course, normalizing the skinny fat body is not really a positive thing. As acceptance for skinny fat is on the rise, health and wellness are on the decline.

How to Lose the Fat and Become Thin and Lean

Many people don’t know that even if you are thin (or more thin than fat), you’re still at risk for health issues like Type 2 Diabetes. The skinny fat trend could be responsible of lulling both men and women into a false sense of security that the extra flab isn’t harmful. As you get older, however, carrying a high percentage of fat can be bad for your heart health and lead to other health problems, which is why finding a diet and exercise routine that works is the best way to lose the skinny fat look. To get started, try the following:

  • Weight Lifting

  • Don’t Prioritize Cardio

  • Avoid Bulking

  • Try Crunches / Work Your Core

  • Lower Calorie Intake

  • Add Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet

  • Drink Plenty of Water

  • Add Lean Meat to Your Diet

  • Undergo Resistance Training


By using these tips, you can execute the perfect workout to transform your body from skinny fat to totally fit. Remember, the right diet and the right type of exercise can work wonders, so be sure to stay on task and watch the flab disappear.